Review: Bloom by Kevin Panetta

Title: Bloom

Author: Kevin Panetta

Illustrator: Savanna Ganucheau

Publisher: First Second

Genre: graphic novel, m/m romance

Source: borrowed from my sister

Publication Date: January 29, 2019


Ari is ready to move to the big city and make it a go with his band. Unfortunately, his obligations keep him at home working in his family’s struggling bakery. He comes up with a deal: he’ll find someone to replace him, train that person, and then he’ll leave. What he doesn’t expect is Hector, a laid-back guy who loves baking. As the summer moves on, their relationship and attraction deepen. And then Ari manages to ruin everything. Can Hector ever forgive him? Or is their love as dead as burnt bread?

My Thoughts

This was such a cute book. The art was beautiful. All the colors were done in blues and grays and it just lovely. So calming and soothing. The love story was good as well. You could feel the attraction between the boys from the very start, and it was fun to watch it grow. My only problem with this is I didn’t like Ari very much. Maybe it’s just an age thing, but I found him thoughtless and immature. I was glad Hector was so strong and sure of himself and could call Ari out when either he or his friends were rude. I wasn’t sure about the ending, though. I thought Ari crossed a line that I wouldn’t be able to forgive him for, and I think I wanted the book to be a little longer so Ari could win back my forgiveness. Still, I can’t say I hated the happy ending; I just wanted something a little more.

Would I Recommend This

I definitely would. It’s a sweet, soothing, and relaxing read that flows well from beginning to end. It’s also a perfect summer beach read. You should read this book.


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