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Comfort Reads M/M Romance Edition

Hi all! Don’t know if I’ve ever explicitly stated this, but I’m in California, which has now been put under a “stay-at-home” order. I’ve been under “shelter-in-place” for a few days now. I’m surviving by vlogging my experience. Talking to a camera helps a lot. If you’re interested, here’s my playlist.

I’ve seen quite a few people posting comfort reads and wanted to hop on the train. I’ll do it with a different twist. I’m going to post exclusively M/M romance books.

So, full disclosure: The Magpie Lord by K.J. Charles might be just a little bit too heavy for right now. It deals with a magical curse that’s trying to kill one of the main characters, Lucius Vadurey, and dead bodies and evil stuff. But the characters are so good and the plot is so interesting, you might not mind that. Plus, K.J. Charles writes some of the hottest sex scenes and this one has some great ones. It’s also one of my favorite M/M historical fantasies, so I had to include it.

Red, White, and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston is the most romantic romance book I’ve ever read outside of Jane Austen. It’s such a great premise too: the son of the president falls in love with the Prince of England. It’s enemies to lovers (although they aren’t enemies, they didn’t like each other very much) and there are love letters. Super good love letters. This book is fun and squishy and romantic and absolutely lovely.

If you’re looking for a lovely read about magic, 1920s, Prohibition, a gumpy magic user and a protective non-magic user, this is for you. Arthur and Rory are <i>amazing</i>. I love how protective Arthur is of Rory and how good he is. And Rory is a fire starter. It’s a great book and the sequel is coming out sometime this year. I’m trying to get an eArc of it, but no reply yet. 😐

Really, anything by Cat Sebastian is perfect for this time, but I just finished A Gentleman Never Keeps Score and I remembered how much I loved It Takes Two to Tumble, so I’m highlighting these two. The first, It Takes Two to Tumble is basically The Sound of Music set in the 1800s (or 1700s) and they’re both men. Ben Sedgwick is hired to instruct Philip Darce, a ship captain’s, children. In the process, they fall in love. In A Gentleman Never Keeps Score, Sam Fox comes together with Hartley Sedgwick when Sam tries to find a dirty portrait painted of a friend of his. In the process, they fall in love. They’re both just lovely, sweet, and very easy to read. And, seriously, check out any of Cat Sebastian’s books.

Lord Alexander Pyne-ffoulkes hires Jerry Crozier to steal some diamonds from his father. Upon meeting, they find themselves attracted to each other and eventually, you guessed it, fall in love. But, oh man, can K.J. Charles write a love declaration. She bowls me over every time. Any Old Diamonds is so much fun, a rollicking heist, with hot sex and romantic words.

No Good Men by Thea McAlistair is another great novel. Alex is a bodyguard by night and a writer whenever he can get it in. When he gets distracted by a handsome stranger one night, his charge and mentor are killed and the police want to pin it on him. He and the handsome stranger, whose name I think is Sev, team up to solve the murder. It’s a great book with a lot of romance and I may have to reread it. 🙂

Any of the Hexworld books by Jordan L. Hawk are great. They’re set in a world where some people can shift into animals and are familiars of magic users. They are stand alone, but have an overarching plot. They’re a lot of fun.

Okay, I’m starting to get repetitive, so I’m going to leave this off here. I hope this list was helpful to any M/M fans who are looking to escape. But, really, anything by KJ Charles, Cat Sebastian, or Jordan L. Hawk will get you through this. Take care and stay healthy!

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Book Review: Any Old Diamonds by K.J. Charles

Title: Any Old Diamonds

Author: K.J. Charles

Publisher: KJC Books

Source: Amazon

Format: e-book

Lord Alexander Pyne-ffoulkes –Alec–is estranged from his father, the Duke of Ilvar. Angry and bitter at the way he and his siblings have been treated, Alec decides to take revenge on his father and the Duchess. His plan is to hire thieves to steal the diamond parure the Duke is giving his wife for their wedding anniversary.

He approaches the Lilywhite Boys–Jerry Crozier  and Templeton Lane–who agree to steal the jewels. Crozier will pose as a society gentleman and new friend of Alec’s. Alec, meanwhile, will publicly reconcile with his father and get an invitation to the anniversary party.

But Crozier soon uncovers Alec’s secret desires and the two of them end up in bed together. Will the heist come off as planned? Or will there be twists and turns in the road? 

This book was fantastic. It kept me hooked from beginning to end. I loved all the characters. Like, I want to say, “I loved all the characters, especially Susan,” but, in reality, it’s “Especially Susan and Alec and Jerry and Templeton and…” Okay, so I didn’t like the Duke and Duchess, but they were marvelously horrible. Believable in a way you wish people weren’t like, but just awful people.

The relationship between Jerry and Alec was amazing. It started subtly and then just exploded. It was hot and steamy and just wonderfully written. I think they’re my favorite pair since Lucien and Stephen from A Charm of Magpie series. They had some of the most heart-meltingly romantic dialogue. I seriously was just a puddle.

This book also managed to take me by surprise. I thought I knew exactly where it was going when, suddenly, it just went bonkers. In the best way. I was so excited by the twist and the new characters that were introduced. It was exciting.

I can’t praise this book highly enough. If you like heists, revenge, people learning how to be strong,and steamy love scenes, this is definitely the book for you. 

Have you read anything by K.J. Charles? What’s your favorite of hers? Or, if you haven’t, who is your favorite romance novelist? Drop a comment below and let me know!