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Book review: Last Sons of America

Title: Last Sons of America

Author: Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Illustrator: Matthew Dow Smith

Colorist: Doug Garbark

Format: Graphic Novel

Publisher: Boom!Studios

After a biological attack on America makes everyone infertile, the only way to have children is to adopt from other countries. Jackie and Julian are adoption agents stationed in Nicaragua. They go to families with children, those who are poor and need money, and negotiate on behalf of prospective parents. But it’s becoming harder to do this legally because child abductions are on the rise. Desperate, Jackie decides to kidnap a child to sell. Of course, he chooses the exact wrong child, the daughter of a local crime lord. Now, Jackie and Julian find themselves in the midst of a conspiracy that will turn their world on its head.

This was a kind of tough read. It started really well and the consistency of the writing stayed high throughout. It was the subject matter that was hard to deal with, especially by the third volume. I found I had to put it down and read something else just because it was so horrifying. The entire concept is difficult. It reminded me a little bit of Children of Men, where no one was having children, but in this case, it’s just America and not the whole world. The idea of people buying and selling children–and more–his terrifying in the extreme.

I liked the characters. Julian was more sympathetic and a good guy. Jackie was the “older” brother, but he really acted immaturely and in desperation. My favorite character was Sara. She had a good heart, was bold and brave, and is a Star Wars fan, which is awesome.

Personally, I didn’t find the art anything to write home about. It was serviceable and got the story across, but there wasn’t anything noteworthy about it.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. It was sobering and scary, but action filled and tense. I liked the characters and the plot and thought the writers and artists did a good job.